Saturday, March 29, 2008


Trisha has attained a numero uno status after her blockbuster Ghillli. She is not an exception to be bitten by gossip mongers. Considering it as an occupational hazard, she dismisses them as baseless and not to be believed. Trisha clarifies the frightening rumours surrounding her with in an exclusive interview

Comment on your so called link up with Vijay?
SinSimbu Tamil Actor Interviewce the shooting of Ghillli was taking place at a remote place in the forest one had no choice but to chat with co – artistes. In due course Vijay and I became friends. When he hosted a party for the success of the movie, I also celebrated my birthday in the party due to my friendship with his family. Would you call it an affair?

Rumours have it that your father is working in a city hotel and so he was thrown out of the house?
My father holds a senior post in the hotel and there is nothing wrong about working. In fact I’m proud of him. This story is baseless and I don’t have to show the world my affection towards my dad through an explanation.

There was news that you met with a serious accident and also tried to commit suicide, Simbu Tamil Actor Interviewcomment?
Don’t believe in such rumors, they are all absurd and baseless. If any such thing happens I would rather face it than trying to end my life. Whoever is spreading these rumors are wasting their time and not going to achieve their goal

There are many fans who are worried about you and sent e-mails through . What’s your message for them?
I am thankful for your messages and am indeed very much touched by your gestures. For all those who have advised me to be careful, all I would like to say that I will take your advice seriously. I would like to make one thing very clear that all these rumors are making me more determined to attain the goals that I’ve set for myself and in no way they deter me from achieving them.

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