Tuesday, May 13, 2008

web hosting.

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12 th examination results 2008

Hello guys and girls.Today the day to see the top ranker in 12 th board examinations of tamil nadu.Todya the results are going to be declared by 9 0 clock.You can recieve the results through internet or through mobile or through a toll free no.here are some website s where you can find the results.all the best guys TAMIL NADU 12 TH RESULTS: CLICK HERE


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American Villain in Kollywood

Hi guys.Where is the Kollywood going? It has graised it standards for the past decade.Now there is a new trend of hiring holyywood stars in tamil films.We have already seen it in little john.Now this time a hero is rendered as a villain in the kolyywood film Achchamundu Achchamundu where the young hero Prasanna and smiling Sneha plays the major role.Famous hollyood actor last appeared in the film framed which got award for its screenplay John Shea has been hired to act as villain.This is the first time in Kollywood industry that a Hollywood star acts as a baddie.Let s wait for this film.


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