Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Online Degree

Hi guys.Happy to meet you with an interesting article.Hope you like it.Education is of prime importance in today's world.Education for all is the main goal of the millennium.But some cant get out their works to continue their eduction.For those guys, I have a solution.While surfing through the nets,I have found out a site for pursuing your online degree even when you are working. I will list here some of the details of the university and the financial aids rendered by them.Capella University ,a best known online university is a fully accredited one which is specially meant for working adults.It has a wide degree of master courses in the field of information technology,business etc and also has the bachelor degree under the same categories.To your information more than 24000 students have enrolled in the university since September 2008.
In the mean while they also offer some financial aid to the students enrolled in it.According to the latest news ,it has announced Inside Online Education podcast which deals with the financial aid under the guidance of Mike Nylund,the university financial aid director.To know more about this just click the link above.This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.
See you soon at Capella university.Thanks for your time.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hi guys.Happy to meet you with an interesting article.Hope you like it.
When it comes to Pop songs ,the first thing that come to our mind is Britney and Madonna.Both are real legends in pop songs.It is hard for a pop star to take part in a album with another pop star.But Britney has asked Madonna to take part in her next Album .As per Robson who is the choreographer for the come back songs of Britney has announced that Britney is expecting a 50 year old pop idol to take part with her in the Circus tour which is none other than Madonna.
It seems that Madonna has agreed to take part in it.Two legend at the same stage
It will be really nice and awesome to see.
Thanks for your time.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hi guys.Happy to meet you with an interesting article.Hope you like it.
The Hollywood beauty and the most searched women Johansson has said that her marriage life is beautiful.This 24 year old Beauty had a wedding lock with Ryan 32 year old in the past September and is enjoying every moment of her marriage life.
When asked about the marriage life to Johansson, she said getting married is a great moment in everyone's life and the few months following it will be very crazy.but her relationship with Ryan is smooth and their love towards each other increases day by day.
She also feels that her life is going on in the right direction.This Beauty will appear in the big screens in a comedy film He’s Just Not That Into You.
the biggest comedy ever is that Johansson has said that she has never dated anyone before she met Ryan.Is it trustful .
Hope their weeding knock is not tied off for atleast a year.But it is highly impossible
Meet you with more updates.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Get out of Debts

Hi guys.Happy to meet you with an interesting article.Hope you like it.Most of us are using Debit cards and credit cards as we feel it is the easiest and safest way to spend money.But to your knowledge the credit card companies are charging more money in taxes .Most of the users don't have any idea on how are the taxes charged .To make you clear of this i will suggest you a site which reveals the tricks followed by the credit card companies to charge more taxes.They inquire our needs and suggest us what kind of cards that we can have and how it will reduce the taxes charged on us .In fact Americans can make the best of the opportunity.America has more than 10 trillions of money invested in mortgagee loans,personal loans and credit cards etc.It guarantees to reduce atleast a sum of 2000$ from the interest of average AMerican Debit.Guys please make you of this oppurtunity and get out of debt.
Hope it is an useful article.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


John Abraham's Parsi name is Farhan but he was born and baptised as John Abraham. He has one younger brother, Alan. Abraham's father is a Syro Malabar Catholic architect, from Alwaye, Kerala in India. His mother, Phiroza Irani, is part of Bombay's Parsi community. Abraham attended Bombay Scottish School and later Jai Hind College.[1] He was an avid sprinter and was a captain of football association. He later earned a M.B.A degree from MET

Modeling In 1999, he won the Gladrags Manhunt Contest and went to Singapore for Manhunt International, where he won second place. Following this, he appeared in a number of commercial advertisements. To further hone his acting skills, John Abraham joined Kishore Namit Kapoor acting lab and successfully completed a course on acting while juggling modelling assignments.

John Abraham made his film debut in 2003 with the controversal film Jism. The film did well, and his work was widely noticed. Later in the same year came the paranormal Saaya (2003) and the romantic Paap (2003); neither of which did particularly well at the Indian box-office. John's first blockbuster hit came with the movie Dhoom in 2004 where he played the role of the villain 'Kabir'. [2] Other movies such as Kaal and Garam Masala followed in 2005. [3]In 2005, he had a major role in Water, which portrayed the tragic fate of Hindu widows in colonial India (See British India). The film was written and directed by independent Canadian film-maker Deepa Mehta. The film was popular overseas, and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Academy Awards, which exposed John to a more international audience.


Hi GUYS and lovers of surya.Here is a different surya for you.He has trained himself to get a perfect six packs for his next venture varanan aayiram film.By doing so he become the first hero in Kollywood to get the six pack abs.Already surya has ton a lot of girl fans .This picture may get him more..He has worked out this 6 pack abs for his next flick Varanam Aayiram opposite of Samerra reddy and Divya Spadana.The film is released some days before and has a positive feedback among most of the fans.Me too planned to watch this film.Hope you too see it and enjoy.
Meet you with more updates.

Monday, December 1, 2008

5.11 tactical products

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MN Nambair Expired

Hi guys.Feeling sad to share this article with you.The great villain in the tamil industry during the ages of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan and a good person when it comes to the real life has expired on 19th November at the age of 89.Born 7th of March 1919 in Kannur, Kerala the actor has climbed great heights and has been a trendsetter for villain roles.His villain roles in Ayirathil oruvan and Ambikabathi has reserved a seperate place in the Tamil cinema world.
He has the credit of acting with 7 generation actors.Lets pray god that his soul reaches eternity.
We are missing this great legend.

Web hosting site

Hi guys. Happy to meet you with an interesting article. Hope you like it. Internet users have gone to next step of having their own web page to update their news and events. Some of the users design the site on their own. But most of the users prefer for web hosting services. There are many web host sites available in the nets. But users find it difficult to use those web hosts and the cost is not affordable for an ordinary user. Don't worry guys. I have a solution for you. While surfing through the nets, I have found a site where you can find the top-notch Website hosting sites. They have screen shots of the most popular web hosting services including immotion,Blue host,Web hosting pad etc along with the features ,cost and bonuses reviews .They have hosting reviews which will make the users to select the best hosting sites. The most weird thing is the cost that the site charges. It charges 4.95$ for unlimited web host usage, which is very less, compared to other web hosting sites. They have a list of awards like Best Unix Web Hosting, Best Windows Web Hosting, Best PHP Web Hosting, Best Reseller Web Hosting , Best VPS Web Hosting and Best Dedicated Web Hosting. There is a lot to say about this site. For more details visit their site by clicking the link above and you are up to a marvelous web hosting site. You can whatever you want in this site. I have got mine.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Recent research suggests that the way people think and act is actually affected by ceiling height.

A research paper titled, "The Influence of Ceiling Height: The Effect of Priming on the Type of Processing People Use," found that, depending on the situation, ceiling height will benefit or impair consumer responses.

Variations in ceiling height can evoke concepts that affect how consumers process information. A person in a room with a 10-foot ceiling tends to make more free and abstract connections than a person in a room with a lower ceiling. A person in a room with an eight-foot ceiling would be more likely to focus on specifics.

This work could have important implications for retailers who wish to understand the thought processes of consumers at the point of purchase.

Cheap glasses

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Golden palace

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Online casinos

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zenni opticals

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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Hotels in United kingdom

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Hotels in Amsterdam

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Farrex Lamps

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i am maintaining a good quality blog and is working on it every day putting some weird posts that i heard and read through the nets.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

web hosting.

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12 th examination results 2008

Hello guys and girls.Today the day to see the top ranker in 12 th board examinations of tamil nadu.Todya the results are going to be declared by 9 0 clock.You can recieve the results through internet or through mobile or through a toll free no.here are some website s where you can find the results.all the best guys TAMIL NADU 12 TH RESULTS: CLICK HERE


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American Villain in Kollywood

Hi guys.Where is the Kollywood going? It has graised it standards for the past decade.Now there is a new trend of hiring holyywood stars in tamil films.We have already seen it in little john.Now this time a hero is rendered as a villain in the kolyywood film Achchamundu Achchamundu where the young hero Prasanna and smiling Sneha plays the major role.Famous hollyood actor last appeared in the film framed which got award for its screenplay John Shea has been hired to act as villain.This is the first time in Kollywood industry that a Hollywood star acts as a baddie.Let s wait for this film.


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Friday, May 9, 2008


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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kuselan release on july 18

Hi guys.Our super stars next film Kuselan is going to hit the theaters by July 18.With the film started few months before the climax of the film is now being shooted in Pollachi for the past three days .Since this film is going to be the next film after sivaji it has created a great expectations among rajini fans.Hope he doesn't disappoint us and he will not.The film is planned to be out in 900 prints ,700 to be released in Tamil nadu and rest in Andra pradesh.The film is going to be released in two versions in tamil and telughu .In telughu the name kuseludu.The film right have been sold for 64 crores to Pyramid Saimeera.Hope it will be a grand success.


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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad credits

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web desinging

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vijay’s Kuruvi Songs Download-Official Launch!

After the film Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Vijay’s next venture is Kuruvi. The film’s director is Dharani who gives a super hit film for Actor Vijay in the film “Gilli” is ready to give another hit. Vijay’s fans are eagerly waiting for his next film. Dharani is meant for giving super hit fast track films, hope his combination with illayathalapathy Vijay works again.

Download Kuruvi Song here:

Happy New Year - Sunidhi Chauhan,Yogi B, Dr Burn Year

Dandaana Darna - Sangeeth Althipur

Thaen thaen thaen - Udit Narayanan, Shreya Ghoshal

Palaanadhu Palaanadhu - Vidhyasagar, S Rajalakshmi

Theme Music - Praveen Mani,Dr Burn,Renina,Suvi

Mozha Mozhannu - KK, Anuradha Sriram

Friday, May 2, 2008

dasavatharam Music release

Hi guys.We all know the next venture of KAml is Dasavatharam.The audio release of Dasavatharam ha been planned to be done in a great fashion in Nehru Stadium on 25 th april.Top hollywod star jackie chan take s part in this function.Both Kamal and Jackie are close friends.The fuction will be in a grand manner ,with kalaingar kaunanidhi leading the function.Hope Kamal s film and his acting will have a great deal of variation in this film.film is proposed to be released by the june of this year.hope it will not extend more than that.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inflatables parties and games

Hi guys.happy to meet you with an interesting article.While I was surfing through the site I camwe across an interesting and a different kind of site. They provide us with Events and Parties, start to finish with, huge inflatable fun! School Carnivals, COMPLETE Corporate events and parties. They provide us with the Inflatables you need to all age groups from kids to teenage.They have a wide range of games such as Euro Bungy, Monkey Motion, Gladiator Challenge, Velcro Wall, Bungy Basketball, Boxing rings, Robo Surf, Snow Rider, Mechanical Bull, Monster Trikes etc.All you have to do is click on the link in the review and select the game or party you want.They have some dealers near your place like ,Inflatable Party Rentals Sacramento , Inflatable Party Rentals San Diego and Inflatable Party Rentals Los Angeles.choose your area and enjoy the party. Hurry up guys.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky lottery

Hi guys. happy to meet you with an interesting article. Lottery has been in practice from olden days. Nowadays there are many online lotteries in practice. The best among is the dreamandwin.com site. All you have to do it is just click the link here, login to the site, bet and win prizes. Draws will be held every 30 days and the lottery numbers will be displayed. The winning lottery numbers have some stunning prices like cars like dos two deux,zewei etc. So hurry up guys. Even you may be the next winning lottery number.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

From Dumb To Crazy!

Her experiment still continues. She played one of the roles in the hit movie, Race, wherein, she plays the role as a dumb. Now she has played a completely crazy role in the movie One Two Three. You know, she is feeling well proud about these roles and has been receiving a lot of applauds from the film fraternities and also from her friends circles, too. She says that these role are real thrilling and she loved to do them. You may, say, whatever the friend does, they are always in the positive side, but everybody from the filmy circle is also dumb-struck by her performances. Seems that, these two film would form as a turning point in her career.

Billoo Gets His Mrs.

The latest movie venture in the Bollywood Films, is the movie, Billoo Barber. Shahrukh Khan and Irrfan Khan would be playing the role in the movie. The movie would be directed by the most versatile director Priyadarshan. But the search was on complete move, for the lead actress, who would play the lead role of Irrfan Khan’s wife. First priority was given to Tabu and then it went into the hands for Ameesha Patel. But due to some unspecified reasons, the two walked out. Seems that Billoo has got his Mrs. now.

The latest news from the Bollywood Industry, is that, Lara Dutta, has signed for the movie and would be playing the role of Mrs. Billoo, thats, Irrfan’s wife in the movie, who plays the role of Billoo, in the movie, Billoo Barber. When our correspondent, Jimpa Lakadi Bampa, got with, Priyadarshan, he said that, Lara has been signed for the film but it’s too early to discuss anything at this point. He is excited about the project as he will be working on a completely different genre compared to his earlier films. One of closest sources, reports that, Lara will play the central character opposite Irrfan Khan, but she will also be seen with SRK for a short while as he will appear in the film just before the interval. The film will go on the floors soon after the rest of the cast is finalized.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kajol Father No More!

One of the most shocking news from the B-Town, Somdev Mukherjee, passed aways, yesterday. He was 65. Sir Somdev is popularly known as Shomu Mukherjee, in the film circles, is the father of the most talented actress of the Bollywood Industry, Kajol and Tanisha. Shomu had been ailing due to bad health, for the past couple of months, but was turning with good health, after regular treatment. But his death, yesterday, was a complete shock to the entire Bollywood Industry. His death was due to cardiac arrest. Shomu’s brothers were actors of the Bollywood.

New Star Added to Kuselan!

Since the shooting of the movie Kuselan had started, we have been a number of additions to the star cast of the movie. First the biggest addition came when Prabhu joined Rajini in this movie. Then came another biggest surprise, when the news was published that Rajini would be dancing for a song with 5 top heroines in the Kollywood Industry. Now comes the biggest news ever. This news would bring amazement and a big smile on the faces of all. And thats for sure.

We had seen this actor, finally in the movie, Ilamai Unjal Adigiradhu. Yes, the next to join Rajini in this movie, is none other than Universal Star, Kamal Hassan. It has also been found that, Kamal would not only be a part of the movie, but also shake legs with the SuperStar in this movie. Though many producers had requested the heroes to act together in some films, the idea never materialized. Both the heroes have there own style of acting and their fan following, and the distributors are very happy with this news hitting the stands. Now we would see the two Kollywood guns together after a long span of time.

Paris Hilton Ready to be Mom

The ‘Simple Life’ star - who is currently accompanying her Good Charlotte rocker boyfriend Benji Madden on tour - wants to follow in best friend Nicole Richie’s footsteps by settling down and starting a family.

However, Nicole - who is engaged to Benji’s twin brother and bandmate Joel - is said to have accused Paris of copying her every move. (I’ve got a friend just like this!)

A source told Britain’s Star magazine: “Nicole was already upset when Paris started dating Benji - it all happened too fast for her liking. Then Nicole couldn’t go on tour with them because she had to stay home and look after her young daughter Harlow.

“She is furious Paris is out there gallivanting with her boyfriend and his brother. If Paris gets pregnant, Nicole is going to go ballistic. She thinks Paris copies everything she does.”

Last year, Paris revealed she was preparing her body so it was in prime condition to conceive.

She said: “I want kids next year, so I’ve got to get my body ready.”

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are Engaged

In Touch can exclusively reveal that Ashlee Simpson is engaged to boyfriend Pete Wentz! “He got down on one knee and she said yes,” a family friend tells In Touch. The couple went away to Colorado just days ago where Pete’s brother had an art exhibit, and that is where Pete, 28, popped the question to Ashlee, 23. “She has an amazing ring, and they are so in love,” adds the friend. And Ashlee’s parents, Joe and Tina, not only approve but are thrilled! The couple that started dating in October 2006, have not set a date for the wedding just yet.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


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Monday, April 7, 2008

'Dasavatharam': Frame by Frame

Dasavatharam' promises to be a break through in Tamil filmmaking in many ways. Apart from Kamal Haasan’s awesome portrayal of ten different roles, there is much to rave about, including computer graphics and stunning stunts.
The movie has been a unique experience for the experienced director K.S. Ravikumar. “I have worked a great deal to put the entire film together”, says the director. “I used to watch my movies at least ten times before they hit the theatres. I have watched every frame (a one second shot comprises 24 frames) of this film almost a 1,000 times to bring in the harmony between the scenes”, he adds.

Ravikumar explains why such a meticulous attention is required: “If one frame has 3-4 characters then it would mean that I would have to shoot the background separately and the characters separately and ensure that everything comes together cohesively on screen. Apart from that, I have also monitored the dubbing of this movie very closely, something which I have not done for any of my films before.” So, Ravikumar would have watched the movie 1,000 times by the time the film hits the screens.

The unit had done a lot of research before executing the scene that happens during the 12th century. Ravikumar, Kamal, and other team members wanted to make it realistic and credible and hence the research became so important.

Going by these information one can be sure that the movie ‘Dasavatharam’ would be first of its kind in Tamil films in many respects.

Santhanam, Rajinikanth & ‘Kuselan’

Joining the long list of actors forming part of Rajinikanth's ‘Kuselan’ is Santhanam. The comedian, who is awaiting the release of ‘Arai En 305il Kadavul’, in which he plays the hero, has been roped in to play the role of a production manager in the movie.

A thrilled Santhanam says, “It is a dream come true experience for me to be part of a Rajinikanth films so early in my career. Though he is a tall actor, he is very humble and polite. Understanding that I was very nervous to share the screen with him, he made me feel at ease and relaxed me'.

Santhanam says, ' I relish every moment shooting with a stalwart like Rajinikanth'.

Vishal, Sneha honored

Popular Tamil film personalities Vishal, Sneha and Tamanna were among the seven eminent persons honored by Sri Kala Sudha Telugu Association on the eve of Telugu New Year in Chennai on Sunday.

Chennai Mayor M Subramanian, who presided over the function, presented a silver crown, shawl and memento to veteran Telugu comedian K Bramhanandam, who found a place for himself in the Guinness Book for having acted in a record number of films.

Others honored during the event were producers C C Reddy and C Kalyan and music director R P Patnaik.

In his address, Subramanian said though over 60-70 lakh people in Chennai spoke different languages, they lived in harmony. Both Vishal and Sneha expressed their gratitude to their fans on the occasion.


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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is all set to hit the screens on December 12

Shahrukh Khan and ace director Aditya Chopra, together for the third time, after a gap of almost eight years, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. We also told you that the project was all set to go before the camera in mid-May. Here is more on the same. No, no, do not let your imagination run wild, as we are not here to tell you about which lucky heroine has been finalized to star opposite King Khan, as there is no news on that front.As per the latest communique from Yash Raj Films, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is all set to hit the screens globally on December 12.
And that is indeed a superb release date choice, as it will coincide with the bountiful weekend of festive ‘Eid-Ul-Azha’ period, and the coming weeks will see the Christmas and winter vacations in the schools and colleges.
So the stage is set for an exciting and record establishing end to the year with an extremely exciting project, one that marks the reunion of the team that gave us the record breaking Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (still running in bombay) and Mohabbatein.

latest news of emma watson

1 Will continue with her education, despite having earned enough money to live her entire life in luxury. (July 2007)

2 Has agreed to star in the final two HARRY POTTER movies. (March 27, 2007)

3 Is disappointed that her busy acting career is an obstacle to finding love, because she doesn't have time for a boyfriend. (October 19, 2005)

4 Is worried about being known as witch Hermione Granger for ever, but admits she would hate to have another actress in the role, saying that Hermione is a part of her. (September 19, 2005)

5 At 13, after being a teenager for just ten months, she placed tenth in The Hottest Female Stars, in February 2004.

6 Nicknames: Em, One Take Watson (her on set name - often gets her shots in one take)

Dhoni, Muralitharan to dance with Nayanthara

A promotional music video is being made by film and ad film maker Rajiv Menon for IPL’s Chennai Super Kings.It will feature top film star Vijay, Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni, stylish opening batsman Matthew Hayden, leading wicket-taker Mutthiah Muralitharan, queen of Kollywood Nayanthara and dancers from Mumbai.
The shooting of this video album, which will feature music by Mani Sharma, will happen some time next week in Chennai.Rajiv Menon is trying to work out a storyboard for the video, which will be a mix of Cricket, Chennai and Kollywood.
Menon and the organisers of Chennai Super Kings are now trying their best to coordinate Dhoni’s dates with Nayanthara and Vijay.Dhoni, Hayden and Murali will probably have to go through a crash course in Kollywood style dancing to make this video a musical hit.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Trisha has attained a numero uno status after her blockbuster Ghillli. She is not an exception to be bitten by gossip mongers. Considering it as an occupational hazard, she dismisses them as baseless and not to be believed. Trisha clarifies the frightening rumours surrounding her with Galatta.com in an exclusive interview

Comment on your so called link up with Vijay?
SinSimbu Tamil Actor Interviewce the shooting of Ghillli was taking place at a remote place in the forest one had no choice but to chat with co – artistes. In due course Vijay and I became friends. When he hosted a party for the success of the movie, I also celebrated my birthday in the party due to my friendship with his family. Would you call it an affair?

Rumours have it that your father is working in a city hotel and so he was thrown out of the house?
My father holds a senior post in the hotel and there is nothing wrong about working. In fact I’m proud of him. This story is baseless and I don’t have to show the world my affection towards my dad through an explanation.

There was news that you met with a serious accident and also tried to commit suicide, Simbu Tamil Actor Interviewcomment?
Don’t believe in such rumors, they are all absurd and baseless. If any such thing happens I would rather face it than trying to end my life. Whoever is spreading these rumors are wasting their time and not going to achieve their goal

There are many fans who are worried about you and sent e-mails through Galatta.com . What’s your message for them?
I am thankful for your messages and am indeed very much touched by your gestures. For all those who have advised me to be careful, all I would like to say that I will take your advice seriously. I would like to make one thing very clear that all these rumors are making me more determined to attain the goals that I’ve set for myself and in no way they deter me from achieving them.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008


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Saturday, March 8, 2008


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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Anderson Wants Annulment

Hi guys.We all are well aware of the star Pamela Anderson.She is hoping to annul her brief marriage to poker player Rick Salomon.Instead of divorcing Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend, the former Baywatch babe has cited "fraud" in court papers, filed in Los Angeles last week.Anderson initially filed for divorce in December, after just two months of marriage--citing irreconcilable differences for the split.The couple exchanged vows last October in Las Vegas, where Anderson was working as illusionist Hans Klok's assistant in his spectacular magic shows.Both Anderson and Salomon have been married twice before--the actress was wed to rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock; Salomon was previously married to Shannen Doherty and actress Elizabeth Daily.

Deepika Padukone in her Peak Form:

Deepika always find a top notch in the gossips from the Bollywood world. She was in affair with the indain cricket captain Dhoni. After that she was in touch with yuvi. With controversies heading between two that who s her boy friend, here joins a third person Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika Padukone stumped everyone at 53rd Annual Film fare Awards ceremony when she left with friend-turned-beau Ranbir Kapoor. We hear that they are not just back together or dating but very much in love too. After the award function, both of them headed for Farah Ali Khan’s party, where they held hands, stuck to each other through the night and even kissed. The list is growing on and on. Dunno who will be the last on the list. Fortunate if it s you or me. Lets wait.

Wedding bells for Rani Mukherjee?

In the Bollywood world gossips have become pretty normal. Here s another gossip about the cute queen Rani Mukherjee. It may be a rumor, and if it becomes true then we guys can see a wedding bell for Rani. Surprised. I know what will be your next Question. Who is that lucky Guy? . It is the director Aditya Chopra who will have wedlock with Rani soon after this May. That’s Bollywood has prepared to watch out the divorce and a wedding soon after that.Confused.Director Aditya will divorce his wife Payal Khanna this May. The parents on either side have not approved this marriage. In case of Aditya both his parents Yash Chopra and his mom Pamela still like their first bahu and have not given their consent for Adi marrying Rani. And from Rani's side either the parents have not given a green signal. But insiders who are close to both Rani and Aditya say that once the divorce between Adi and Payal is finalized Adi will tie the knot to Rani.Whatever may be the case. Lets see what is going to happen.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lopez gives birth to twins in NY

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins early Friday, making the singer and husband Marc Anthony the parents of a boy and a girl after one of pop music's most closely watched pregnancies.Fields confirmed that the girl arrived first, weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces. Her boy is 6 pounds even and arrived about 15 minutes later.The location was not identified.Ending months of speculation, Lopez confirmed her pregnancy at a Miami concert in November. Her father, David Lopez, told Telefutura's "Escandalo TV" earlier this month that the 39-year-old singer was expecting twins.Lopez and Anthony, 38, married in 2004. The twins are her first children, and his third and fourth.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Amar Singh, Jaya Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Kiran rao, Kangna Ranaut, Rekha, Minissha Lamba, Sonali Bendre, at Jodhaa Akbar World Premiere.

Ashutosh Gowariker knows that historicals have to be simplified while narrating on celluloid so that the moviegoer is able to grasp and comprehend the plotline and the sequence of events. Thankfully, JODHAA AKBAR is not in the least difficult to decipher. Gowariker's handling of the subject deserves the highest praise, for it's not everyday that you come across a film like JODHAA AKBAR.

JODHAA AKBAR works because of the right casting. It's difficult to imagine anyone else in the role of Emperor Akbar. Hrithik seems born to play this role and he enacts it with such precision, such flourish, such confidence that it leaves you asking for more. A mind-boggling performance without doubt.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is superb. Oh yes, she looks ethereal -- a compliment she has heard a trillion times before. What's new in that? But watch her emote in this film. You realize the amazing talent that has hitherto not been tapped by any movie maker.

Clinton says Obama relies on 'words'

Ignoring her crushing loss in Wisconsin to rival Barack Obama, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton pressed her case Tuesday that the Illinois senator offers little more than talk.After his victory speech, Clinton called Obama to congratulate him and the two spoke briefly.The New York senator tried to battle back from her ninth straight loss to Obama since the Super Tuesday contests Feb. 5, vowing to fix trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement, which have disproportionally hurt working-class voters in places like Ohio.The state holds its primary March 4, and Clinton is depending on victories here and in Texas to revive her fading candidacy.
But exit polls in Wisconsin offered ominous warnings for Clinton as she tries to reconstitute her political base in Ohio and elsewhere.Obama defeated her among less educated voters and nearly tied her among white women — two groups that have formed the core of her candidacy. Young voters turned out in droves for Obama, more than offsetting Clinton's advantage among seniors. Wisconsin voters also said the need for change trumps experience 2-to-1.Clinton did her best to push on, bluntly challenging Obama on his fitness to lead.She also addressed the issue of trade — a vulnerability for the former first lady, who championed NAFTA while it was being negotiated during her husband's presidency. She has since become a NAFTA critic and has advocated a "time out" from similar trade agreements.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

trisha hot

Pamela Anderson voices against seal hunting in Paris

In a bid to protest against seal hunting in Paris, Pamela Anderson will deliver a letter from animal rights campaigner Brigitte Bardot to the Canadian ambassador.
The former Baywatch star was in the French capital on Valentine's Day to perform a series of burlesque strip shows at the famous Le Crazy Horse club.
The 40-year-old used the opportunity to promote the protection of baby seals and to ask Canada to help prevent seal hunting in the Arctic region.Anderson also called on the fashion industry to stop using animal pelts.The hunt was dead for 20 years, and has been revived, not to honour local customs or conserve cod stocks, but because new markets for fur have opened up in Russia and China she said.

Jessica Simpson to star in a new TV reality show?

American pop singer/actress Jessica Simpson is negotiating to star in a new reality TV show documenting the recording of her next LP.The 27-year-old star is currently recording an upcoming country LP.Simpson's father Joe Simpson, who also happens to be her manager, has revealed that she is eager to share the process with Country Music Television (CMT) viewers.However a representative for Simpson has given UsMagazine.com a different story altogether, about the project.The project is not for a reality show. Jessica is finishing her country album in Nashville. They're in talks with CMT for a special timed to air when the album is released, but there's no truth whatsoever to there being a reality show .

Jodhaa Akbar controversy: Hrithik, Ash react

After Mumbai, it was Delhi’s turn to catch Jodhaa Akbar walk down the red carpet at the capital's premiere of Ashutosh Gowarikar's magnum opus.The film has also been in the news for being boycotted in Rajasthan for allegedly distorting historical facts.
And it sure looked like Aishwarya did do her homework, before stepping out to face the controversy.If that doesn't end the matter, Gowarkiar also makes his case for the film.
“I would appeal to all the Rajput conveners to go and watch the film. I want it to release in Rajasthan. It does not hurt their honour,” says Gowariker.
While the ambitious period drama has so far received mixed reviews from critics, the Box Office verdict is still out on this one.

Kunals death: Suicide or Murder

Kunal's father, Retd Col. Rajendra Singh, has come out with an allegation that his son's death was not suicide but murder.Rebutting the theory reported by the press that Kunal was depressed, which eventually led to his suicide, he asked the media at the press conference held at Vile Parle "Kunal was about to launch his film on February 15 and was very enthusiastic about the project. Why would he end his life?"
He also made it clear that Kunal's marriage with Anuradha was not turbulent as reported by the press. As the couple's daughter was not in good health, Anuradha had taken the kid to her father's residence in Ahmednagar. Incidentally Anuradha's father is an army officer and a surgeon.

Singh asserted that Kunal, on the day of his death, spent the entire day discussing his impending film Yogi with his team and had also fixed up appointments for the next day. Had he intended to commit suicide, he would not have done so, he said. Singh stated that he had noticed some marks on the neck, chest and arms, indicating that someone could have grabbed Kunal from the rear and pinned down his arms to thwart any attempts of resistance. But Senior Police Inspector Sonone refuted these statements saying these marks were induced while the body was brought down from the ceiling fan. Bringing out a new theory to this death, Singh claimed that Kunal could have been a target of some land mafia, as he was involved in some land deals some time ago. Singh also added that a girl named Lavina could be a prime witness to this murder. He said that she is the daughter of a family friend and was to have debuted in Kunal's film. Though she has not made any statement about the murder theory thus far, Singh avers that she is either scared or threatened.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Captain': Channel for Captain

Hi guys.With channels already increasing in TV,we are not in a postion to decide which channel to watch here comes another tv channel facilitated by our capatain Mr Vijayakanth.recall the same person who refused to get popularity via media is now starting a new channel.You want to know why?The actor is having his hands full with films as well as an active career in Tamilnadu politics. Though the captain gets to interact with a lot of public during his political meetings, all these he feels, are not broadcasted by the media for some unknown reason.Vijayakanth is working on bring out his own channel as well as his own political magazine through which he can showcase the activities of his party to the public.It seems talks are going on day and night, and that many experts in media are being contacted for the same.If Captain Vijayakanth has his way we might soon have a channel named ‘Captain’.

We are not lovers, says Nayantara

Hi guys.i know u are anxious on seeing the title.Poor Nayantara. Looks like controversies like this Malayalee belle. First it was the pictures of her with her ex-beau Simbu doing the rounds on the Net. Then of course, it was the bikini scene in 'Billa'.Now, the hottest rumours in the Tamil film industry are about her alleged relationship with her co-star Vishal. But this time, Nayantara decided not to keep quite for too long.She has denied the affair and says it is a figment of imagination.
For now, the Vishal and Nayantara are shooting for 'Sathyam'.But from vishals side he is saying that he is in love with one of the tamil heroines.dont start guessing in wide range.most doubtly it s between nayanthara and priyamani.whatever may be case we have to wait for a while to know whose that love pair.till then keep on guessing guys.But it s not u.

Ileana refuses Rajini

Hi guys.With Rajini s next movie is creating a wild fire in the kollywood world there s yet another change in that.The latest news on Superstar Rajini's Kuselan, a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu, is about the refusal of actress Ileana to play as his pair for its Telugu version! Sources say that the actress categorically declined the offer from the director P Vasu, who approached her few days before as she feels that the role is unmatched to her.Now the directors are negotiating with Nayantara for the same. It may be recalled that Nayan has already accepted to play the role of lady love of the superstar in the Tamil version. In the Telugu Kuselan, Jagapathi Babu plays the role of Rajini's friend.The shooting of this Telugu version also will be commenced on Feb. 15th at Chennai along with the Tamil version.

Prathap to direct Madhavan and Trisha

Those who have crossed the age of 40 would have known him well. Prathap Pothan, who had registered a distinctive mark by his unique style of acting in many characters, is resurfacing in Tamil film world after a long time.The actor, who gave some excellent performances in ‘Varumaiyin Niram Svappu’ and ‘Meendum Oru Kaathal Kathai’, gradually withdrew from acting and started concentrating in making commercials. He has now planned to make a comeback in a different manner. This time he wants to stay behind the camera.He is gearing up to direct a movie and planning to rope in Madhavan and Trisha in the lead roles. The movie titled ‘Nee Inri’ will be a poetic love story.Trisha, meanwhile, is longing to do a role similar to the one done by Jyothika in ‘Mozhi’. Will Prathap give her such a role?

Kamal with Rajini in Kuselan

The latest gossip about Superstar Rajinikanth's next movie Kuselan is something very special one for the true lovers of cinema. According to the grapevine, Kamal Hassan, the onscreen rival of Rajini will appear in a scene in Kuselan.There were already rumors like wild fire that Rajini and Kamal will act in a movie together, but that never materialized. According to the sources director P Vasu is trying to rope in Kamal Hassan to do a guest role for a scene in the movie Kuselan. Rajinikanth acts as a superstar in the movie and on the producers demand, there is going to be a scene where Superstar Rajinikanth will receive an award. The director and the producers are trying to rope in Kamal to give that award to Rajini in the movie. The legend kaml hassan said he is also excited to hear such news from my media friends. I will definitely inform you all, if I have such commitments in future.At the same time, he did not rule out the chances of appearing as a guest in the Superstar's film like he did in Thillu Mullu.

Ajith`s Next remake Main Hoon Na

The upcoming film of Ajith with Raju Sundaram is supposed to be the remake of the Bollywood blockbuster movie, Main Hoon Na. Ajith Kumar has just returned to Chennai after the first schedule of shooting for Raju Sundaram’s next movie from Hong Kong.The buzz is that this yet to be titled movie will have the name of Ajith character in the movie as the title of the movie. Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif who is also the girl friend of Salman Khan will star opposite to Ajith in this movie.Main Hoon Na, written and directed by Farah Khan has the story line which tells the tale of Major Ram Prasad Sharma and his efforts to foil the terrorist Raghavan . Major Sharma is simultaneously attempting to mend relations with his father’s estranged first wife and his half-brother Lakshman. He goes to the college where his half-brother is studying and falls in love with the lecturer.

Lohan and Jenner Dating?

Lindsay Lohan and reality TV star Brody Jenner were spotted "all over each other" during a night out in New York on Friday, leading to speculation the pair are an item.
The troubled actress and Jenner, who was linked to Paris Hilton, partied together at two nightclubs, the Beatrice Inn and The Box, during their passionate night on the town.A source tells People.com, "She likes him. It's early, but they are more than friends. He seems to like her back."They're actually sweet together, it would be nice if she kept him around."

Hilton Plans Pussycat Doll Party

Paris Hilton is planning to celebrate her 27th birthday by performing with burlesque troupe the Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas.

The sexy socialite will host an '80s-theme party at the Los Angeles club Area this weekend before heading off to Sin City in her underwear.

She says, "I'm going to perform with the Pussycat Dolls. I'm going to go to Pure and LAX."

Hilton turns 27 on February 17 and admits there's only one major thing on her wish list -- an English lover.

She adds, "There are cute boys in London. I have to go over there and check them out."

'Potter' Star Watson Linked to Razorlight's Borrell

Hi fans and lovers of emma waston,heres a sad thing for u guys.There are rumours stating that Emma Watson is dating Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell after the pair were photographed out and about in London together. Watson, 17, plays Hermione Granger in the hit film series, is 10 years younger than Borrell, who split from actress Kirsten Dunst last year.The pair were seen attending the star-studded Vanity Fair and Burberry portraits party together on Monday night, and they later moved on to a soiree hosted by fashion label PPQ before getting a taxi back to a private event at the capital's Dorchester Hotel.Watson ended her relationship with rugby player Tom Ducker in November, insisting she was shunning romance to concentrate on her schoolwork and blossoming movie career.

Photos which confirms thier relation:

Valentines day dress code:Colour colour what colour do you want?

Hi guys.Valentines day:A day expected by all youths .Do u know the story behind Valentines day.you dont know even this.so pity,Sorry me to dont know that.But here are some dress codes for valentines day.At least know it.Have a happy day.

Ø Blue- I’m free

Ø Green- I’m waiting

Ø Orange- going to propose

Ø Pink- accepted just now!!!

Ø Black- proposal rejected

Ø White- already booked

Ø Yellow- broke up!!!

Ø Gray- not interested…

Ø Red- leave me

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hi Guys.Happy to share this article with you .No person in this world will not be there without knowing the name of MARIAH CAREY..She is an american pop star,R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress born on march 27 1970 and bought up in us.She made her debut in this pop world under guidance of Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola where she achieved her peak of recording five single title top in U.S.and was regarded as a stunning pop star in U.S. in 1990.She got married to motella but thier relation didnt exist for a long while.she got divorced in 1997.After that she introduced some hip hop songs but she had a poor period in the yrs of 1995.She regained her fame in 2005.Carey has earned five Grammy Awards, and is well-known for her vocal range, power, melismatic style, and use of the whistle register and also the american awards in 2000. * 1990: Mariah Carey popular albums are Emotions,Music Box,Merry Christmas, Daydream
Butterfly,Rainbow,Glitter,Charmbracelet,The Emancipation of Mimi and her recent work is E=MC² which will be relaesed on april 15 2008.


Hi Guys.Happy to share something with you.Pop songs has become one of the vital thing in western culture.One of the best pop stars who had his begining in Saint Michael, Barbados, to Ronald Fenty of Barbados is Rihanna.She did her schooling in Combermere School, where she formed a musical trio with two of her classmates.The main reason for her to reach such a greater place is her friend who introduced her to music producer Evan Rogers.There after she published many songs which reached fame in most of the cities in Barbados. One copy of Rihanna's work was sent to Jay-Z, who eventually signed her to Def Jam Records.She currently lives in San Diego, California.Her popular works are Music of the Sun,A Girl like Me,Good Girl Gone Bad and she is doing her fourth album now.Rihanna has teamed up with H&M and other celebrities like Timbaland and Good Charlotte for Fashion against AIDS.She has got american music awards,grammy awards Brit awards.Thanks for sharing your time .Meet you with another populart celebrity.

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Namitha plays a lesbian?

Some artists work like company artists with some directors. Buxom babe Namitha is one such artiste when it comes to Shakthi Chithambaram’s films. Whether the film is his production or directorial venture – it is for sure that the hot girl would have a role in it. Her name will be included in the invitation, even without consulting her.

Sundar C. is the hero of Shakthi Chithambaram’s current project ‘Sandai’, in which Namitha plays a ‘Karakattam’ artist. She has also danced for two peppy songs in the movie.

Meanwhile, the sensational girl is all set to create more sensation with her maiden venture in English. She is said to have played the role of a lesbian in the English film ‘Maya’. There are plans to release the dubbed version in Tamil.

Do Namitha’s films need dubbing anyway?


The lead lady of RGV’s ‘Sarkar Raj in Hindi and ‘Robot’ in Tamil Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is having her hands full, but still she has revealed yet another side of her, generosity. Aish has found time to act an important role in her business manager’s film.

Hari Singh, the business manager of the former Miss World, is planning to launch his daughter in this movie which will see Aishwarya play an important role. Aish has almost given a 21-day call sheet to act in this film.

The film will be directed by Jagmohan Mundhra who is very thrilled to work with Aish again after ‘Provoked’.

Though ‘Provoked’ failed to provoke any awards for Aishwarya in Bollywood, the director claims the she had portrayed a fantastic role in the film.

Since the film is still in the very starting stages and the other characters are on the verge of getting finalized, the project is most probably expected to roll out by mid 2008 and might hit the theaters by next year.

Was Sam Lutfi drugging Britney Spears?

The restraining order against Britney Spears‘ friend/manager, Sam Lutfi, accuses him of drugging her.

According to the documents, Lynne Spears states:

“Sam had told Britney that she was an unfit mother, a piece of trash and a whore, that she cares more about Adnan, her current boyfriend, than she cares about her kids, and that she does not deserve the kids.”

“Sam told Jackie and me that he grinds up Britney’s pills, which were on the counter and included Risperdal (an anti-psychotic drug for schizophrenia and bipolarity) and Seroquel. He told us that the doctor who is treating her now is trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could then give her drugs to heal her brain.”

Lutfi has to stay 250 yards from Britney, her parents, and her children.

Angelina got pregnant to keep Brad!

Angelina Jolie’s recent pregnancy may be what’s keeping her marriage together.

According to sources, Jolie has been terrified over Brad Pitt leaving her if she didn’t have another baby.

“Brad and Angelina are absolutely thrilled, but Angelina is also very relieved,” the source said.

“After trying for months to conceive naturally, she also began to fear that she’d never get pregnant again. She really believes that the new babies will finally put to rest the problems in their relationship.”

Britney’s home robbed

The LAPD was called to the Beverly Hills home of Britney Spears after her parents discovered valuable possessions were missing.

After Spears’ father Jamie won legal control over his daughter and her estate at an emergency hearing Friday, he and ex-wife Lynne returned to the house to find a bunch of things stolen.

They have filed a police report.

I’m guessing it’s Sam Lufti (Brit’s manager). A restraining order was issued against him just yesterday. He is such a scummy piece of s*** that’s been leeching off Britney for years.

50 Cent to Paris Hilton: ‘Get The Fu** Of The Stage’

During his performance at Paris Hilton’s pre-Super Bowl party for 944 magazine, rapper 50 Cent gave a shout out to Paris, who started singing in the front row.

She then went on stage and started dancing, when 50 Cent told her: “Excuse me, you. Could you get the fu** off the stage?”

Hilton started to cry and tried to beg the party’s staff to let her dance, whining “But it’s my party!”