Monday, April 7, 2008

'Dasavatharam': Frame by Frame

Dasavatharam' promises to be a break through in Tamil filmmaking in many ways. Apart from Kamal Haasan’s awesome portrayal of ten different roles, there is much to rave about, including computer graphics and stunning stunts.
The movie has been a unique experience for the experienced director K.S. Ravikumar. “I have worked a great deal to put the entire film together”, says the director. “I used to watch my movies at least ten times before they hit the theatres. I have watched every frame (a one second shot comprises 24 frames) of this film almost a 1,000 times to bring in the harmony between the scenes”, he adds.

Ravikumar explains why such a meticulous attention is required: “If one frame has 3-4 characters then it would mean that I would have to shoot the background separately and the characters separately and ensure that everything comes together cohesively on screen. Apart from that, I have also monitored the dubbing of this movie very closely, something which I have not done for any of my films before.” So, Ravikumar would have watched the movie 1,000 times by the time the film hits the screens.

The unit had done a lot of research before executing the scene that happens during the 12th century. Ravikumar, Kamal, and other team members wanted to make it realistic and credible and hence the research became so important.

Going by these information one can be sure that the movie ‘Dasavatharam’ would be first of its kind in Tamil films in many respects.

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