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Heath Ledger to be buried in 25G mahogany casket

Hi guys we all know that Heath Ledger 28-year-old actor was found dead - naked and facedown on his bed - inside his SoHo loft last Tuesday. Authorities suspect the "Brokeback Mountain" heartthrob's shocking death may be linked to the six types of prescription drugs found in his bedroom.Heath Ledger's body will be laid to rest in a $25,000 mahogany casket lined with cream-colored velvet, the Daily News has learned.The handmade Concord mahogany casket is considered one of the finest wooden coffins on the market.Funeral plans remain shrouded in secrecy, but the Bowra & O'Dea funeral home in Midland Australia, is believed to be handling the arrangements.
The century-old funeral home is just a couple of miles away from Guildford, where Ledger attended grammar school in the 1980s.Ledger was memorialized by family members and a handful of A-list celebrities in a private service at a Los Angeles celebrity mortuary Saturday night.In attendance were Michelle Williams, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his 2-year-old daughter, and the actress Naomi Watts, who dated the Oscar-nominated actor for nearly two years.Ledger's lifeless body was discovered last week by a masseuse who repeatedly called celebrity twin Mary-Kate Olsen for help before she dialed 911.Olsen dispatched her bodyguards to her celebrity pal's apartment; they arrived at the same time as emergency medical technicians, police sources say. Police officials have stated repeatedly they're not interested in questioning Olsen.let s mourn for a moment to tis legend


John Rambo has retreated to northern Thailand, living a solitary and peaceful life in the mountains and jungles. A group of human rights missionaries search him out and ask him to guide them into Burma to deliver medical supplies. When the aid workers are captured by the Burmese army, Rambo decides to venture alone into the war zone to rescue them.



Tre, a nihilistic and physically dominant slacker, uses his brains, not his brawn, to seduce a woman seeking revenge against her husband. The woman, a brassy but vulnerable actress/waitress named Nina, moved out of the house after discovering that her husband had kissed another woman--for ten seconds. Nina's more stable and responsible friend Kakela plays host and witness to her illicit affair.


Centers around five Lebanese women, of different religions and ages, who work in a beauty salon.


Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus

Captures 14-year-old singing sensation, Miley Cyrus, in concert at several venues on her 2007 54-city tour. She performs as both a solo artist and as her popular television character, Hannah Montana.

Running Time: 1 hr. 40 min.
Release Date: February 1st, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: G
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Strange Wilderness

After the genial, beloved TV host of the popular wildlife show "Strange Wilderness" passes on to the great nature special in the sky, his son Peter Gaulke takes over the series--and things are never the same. Ignorant, bumbling and blissfully unaware of his own lack of talent, Pete sprinkles his documentary narrations with dubious factoids. When the ratings sink to an all-time low and the show is about to be cancelled, Pete and his filmmaking partner Fred Wolf realize they have to come up with "something big" to save the series. It looks like they've hit the jackpot when Pete lucks into a map of the legendary Bigfoot's secret cave. But when the clueless producer leads his ragtag crew to the wilds of Central America to film the elusive beast, they encounter a string of disasters. Desperate for a stunt to drive "Strange Wilderness" ratings back up and salvage the show, Pete brainstorms with his motley crew. Their luck seems to take a turn for the better when Pete gets a visit from his father's backwoods survivalist friend Bill Calhoun, who offers to sell him a map to Bigfoot's jungle hideout. Convinced this is the big break they've been waiting for, Pete and Fred hire two new crewmembers, Bill Whitaker and Cheryl, and set off for Ecuador in their dilapidated RV. From the start, however, the ambitious expedition is beset with disasters. Along the way, the hapless crew will have to survive near-death encounters with overzealous border guards, an amorous turkey, flesh-eating fish, murderous natives and a host of other obstacles that more than live up to the name "Strange Wilderness.



Devastated when his fiancee Kate is killed on their wedding day, Henry reluctantly agrees to consult a psychic named Ashley at the urging of his sister Chloe. Despite his skepticism over her psychic abilities, Henry finds himself falling hard for Ashley, and vice versa. But there is a big snag. Ashley is being haunted by Kate's ghost, who considers it her heavenly duty to break up Henry and Ashley's fledgling romance, if it is the last thing she does on this earthly.

THE EYE 2008

Sydney Wells is an accomplished concert violinist who has been blind since a childhood tragedy. Sydney undergoes a double corneal transplant, and her sight is restored. But Sydney's happiness is short-lived as unexplainable shadowy and frightening images start to haunt her. Are they a passing aftermath of her surgery, Sydney's mind adjusting to sight, a product of her imagination, or something horrifyingly real? As Sydney's family and friends begin to doubt her sanity, Sydney is soon convinced that her anonymous eye donor has somehow opened the door to a terrifying world only she can now see.

Also Known As: The Eye (remake)



Britney Jean Spears born on December 2, 1981 is an American pop singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, and author. Her debut album ...Baby One More Time propelled her to international stardom in 1999.There are many things that bring laurels to this pretty women,but nowadays it s too hard situations in her life.Recently she has been admitted to the UCLA Medical Center on mental health grounds - her second hospital admission in a month at 1:30 pm yesterday.she was reported to have alleged bipolar disorder.Spears has been in an increasingly fragile mental state since she filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin Federline, in November 2006. The divorce went through in July.She appeared to have reached a low point earlier this month when she was hospitalised at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles for two days on January 3, after a three-hour police stand-off at her mansion.She had been refusing to hand back her infant sons Jayden James, one, and Sean Preston, two, to their father.She was seen leaving the psychiatric hospital at UCLA Medical Center at about 5:30 a.m.

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AISHWARYA'S COMMENT: Saying no to Shankar & Rajini can be a problem"

Aishwarya Rai opened up to the media first time on her upcoming Tamil project – 'Robot' to be directed by the renowned craftsman Shankar. She would star against Superstar Rajinikanth.
Readers might remember that most of the heroine roles in Rajini's last few projects starting from Nilambari in 'Padayappa' were offered to Aishwarya Rai, only to be turned down owing to the date issues of the actress.
Talking on Shankar and Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai expressed, "They are super entertainers, independently and together; it can be a problem saying no to them. I did get an enquiry last year when I was away on Pink Panther. This time I am happy that we could work out our schedule." On heroines getting sidelined in a Rajini movie, Aishwarya was quick to refute the claim, "I don't think it's a fair statement. You can't but be fascinated by this phenomenon called Rajini sir. He is so super fascinating and intriguing to his audience. I don't think it's a deliberate attempt by any director to sideline any actor / character working along with him."
She went on to add, "Rajini Sir is such a wonderful human being. He has been so close to the family too. I am glad and honored to be working with him" With Shankar finally managing to rope in Aishwarya Rai into his dream project, the expectations on 'Robot' would now touch sky high. The project to be produced by Ayngaran and Eros International has A.R.Rahman for music and will be the second film for Aishwarya Rai under Shankar's direction after 'Jeans'

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Anjathey' on Valentine's Day

Mysskin’s second venture starring Narain, Vijayalakshmi, Prasanna, and Ajmal, will be released on Valentine's Day (Feb 14). The movie revolving around the tug of war between two friends with divergent approaches towards life promises much as an engaging entertainer. Prasanna, in an unexpected role, is the surprise package of the movie.The music (Sundar C Babu), which was released last month, has been quite popular. Two songs – Kaththazha Kannala and Kannadasan Karaikkudi – are rocking.
Another highlight of the movie is that heroine Vijayalakshmi has dubbed for her role in the movie. The girl, who was waiting for a good opportunity after her debutant venture ‘Chennai 600028’, grabbed the chance with pleasure when Mysskin offered the role in ‘Anjathey’. She declined the offer to act in a Telugu movie, as she wanted to establish a good name for her in Tamil first.For Prasanna, February will be a double treat with two of his films – ‘Sadhu Miranda’ and ‘Anjathey’ – getting released during the month.

Vikram’s involvement in 'Kanthaswamy'

Vikam is showing great interest in ‘Kanthaswamy’, so much so that he even accompanies the director and cameraman while they set out for seeing the location. Before the first schedule of shooting started in Bangkok, Vikram and Susi Ganesan went to the country to decide about the shooting spots.

Earlier, Susi was planning to shoot the second schedule in Kenya but the internal strife in the country forced him to shift to Mexico. Now Susi and Vikram have gone to Mexico to explore the location. ‘Kanthaswamy’, which is growing fast, is expected to be a summer release.

Vikram, meanwhile, has changed his approach towards his releases. Post ‘Bheemaa’, which was released after a long gap, he has planned to have three films in a year.

So, Vikram’s fans can expect a triple treat in a year from their star.

Nayantharas hat-trick!

Nayanthara is almost confirmed to play Rajnikanth's pair in P.Vasu directed Kuselan! The official announcement will be coming once the actress who is now in Hyderabad comes to Chennai and signs the contract.

Kuselan is going to be a hat-trick for Nayanthara who has been the superstar's heroine in Chandramukhi and did a special song with him in Sivaji. The pair is very popular with the masses, as they have terrific on- screen chemistry.

P.Vasu the director of Kuselan is introducing the Nayanthara character as Rajnikanth's pair, something which was not there in the Malayalam original Katha Parayumbol on which it is based. Vasu feels that Nayan is popular in Tamil and Telugu, and Kuselan is being made as a bilingual in both the languages.

But what is turning out to be a major headache for the makers of Kuselan, is who will do Meena's role, the wife of Sreenivasan( in Tamil role done by Pasupathy) in the original? Simran the first choice has put forward a lot of conditions, which the makers rejected.

The latest we hear is Simran who is in Chennai doing a television reality show is back in reckoning and the producers are talking to her. At the same time Tabu and Sneha too are being considered, to do the crucial role.

Bond Title Revealed!

And it’s Quantum Of Solace. Only kidding! Oh, no they’re not. That is the official title of Bond 22. Haven’t got a clue what it means apart from the fact that it’s the title of an Ian Fleming short story in the For Your Eyes Only collection, in which Bond – attending a dull dinner at Government House in Nassau, the Bahamas – mostly listens as the elderly Governor of the Bahamas regales him with the story of a tragic relationship between a former civil servant and an air hostess. Not a brilliant starting point for an action-packed blockbuster, you’d think, but it doesn’t seem story and film have much to do with each other, with the producers also unveiling that Solace will pick up right where Casino Royale finished… More at BBC News and Empire
What are your thoughts on Bond's new title? Love it? Loathe it? Feel like you're going to need a masters degree to gain entry to the film?


We're surprised to see Janet Jackson so dressed DOWN for Benny Medina's fancy party this weekend. And it looks like she's sporting a new Tyra Banks hairdo.

Rajnikanth and Vijaykanth met secretly?

Grapevine says that Rajnikanth and Vijaykant had met secretly in Hyderabad to discuss about the forthcoming elections. Rajnikanth is yet to decide about which political party he is going to canvass for and Vijaykant has already issued a press release that he is going to enter politics. There was no confirmation about the meeting and what transpired between them from either side.

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oscar nominees

80th Academy Awards
Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2007 will be presented on Sunday, February 24, 2008, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®.

Performance by an actor in a leading role

George Clooney in “Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.)
Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax)
Johnny Depp in “Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”
(DreamWorks and Warner Bros., Distributed by DreamWorks/Paramount)
Tommy Lee Jones in “In the Valley of Elah” (Warner Independent)
Viggo Mortensen in “Eastern Promises” (Focus Features)

Performance by an actor in a supporting role

Casey Affleck in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” (Warner Bros.)
Javier Bardem in “No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage)
Philip Seymour Hoffman in “Charlie Wilson’s War” (Universal)
Hal Holbrook in “Into the Wild” (Paramount Vantage and River Road Entertainment)
Tom Wilkinson in “Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.)

Performance by an actress in a leading role

Cate Blanchett in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” (Universal)
Julie Christie in “Away from Her” (Lionsgate)
Marion Cotillard in “La Vie en Rose” (Picturehouse)
Laura Linney in “The Savages” (Fox Searchlight)
Ellen Page in “Juno” (Fox Searchlight)

Performance by an actress in a supporting role

Cate Blanchett in “I’m Not There” (The Weinstein Company)
Ruby Dee in “American Gangster” (Universal)
Saoirse Ronan in “Atonement” (Focus Features)
Amy Ryan in “Gone Baby Gone” (Miramax)
Tilda Swinton in “Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.)

Best animated feature film of the year

“Persepolis” (Sony Pictures Classics) Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud
“Ratatouille” (Walt Disney) Brad Bird
“Surf's Up” (Sony Pictures Releasing) Ash Brannon and Chris Buck

Achievement in art direction

“American Gangster” (Universal)
Art Direction: Arthur Max
Set Decoration: Beth A. Rubino
“Atonement” (Focus Features)
Art Direction: Sarah Greenwood
Set Decoration: Katie Spencer
“The Golden Compass” (New Line in association with Ingenious Film Partners)
Art Direction: Dennis Gassner
Set Decoration: Anna Pinnock
“Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” (DreamWorks and Warner Bros., Distributed by DreamWorks/Paramount)
Art Direction: Dante Ferretti
Set Decoration: Francesca Lo Schiavo
“There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax)
Art Direction: Jack Fisk
Set Decoration: Jim Erickson

Achievement in cinematography

“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” (Warner Bros.) Roger Deakins
“Atonement” (Focus Features) Seamus McGarvey
“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” (Miramax/Pathé Renn) Janusz Kaminski
“No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage) Roger Deakins
“There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax) Robert Elswit

Achievement in costume design

“Across the Universe” (Sony Pictures Releasing) Albert Wolsky
“Atonement” (Focus Features) Jacqueline Durran
“Elizabeth: The Golden Age” (Universal) Alexandra Byrne
“La Vie en Rose” (Picturehouse) Marit Allen
“Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” (DreamWorks and Warner Bros., Distributed by DreamWorks/Paramount) Colleen Atwood

Achievement in directing

“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” (Miramax/Pathé Renn) Julian Schnabel
“Juno” (Fox Searchlight) Jason Reitman
“Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.) Tony Gilroy
“No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage) Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
“There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax) Paul Thomas Anderson

Best documentary feature

“No End in Sight” (Magnolia Pictures)
A Representational Pictures Production
Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs
“Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience” (The Documentary Group)
A Documentary Group Production
Richard E. Robbins
“Sicko” (Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company)
A Dog Eat Dog Films Production
Michael Moore and Meghan O’Hara
“Taxi to the Dark Side” (THINKFilm)
An X-Ray Production
Alex Gibney and Eva Orner
“War/Dance” (THINKFilm)
A Shine Global and Fine Films Production
Andrea Nix Fine and Sean Fine

Best documentary short subject

A Lieutenant Films Production
Cynthia Wade and Vanessa Roth
“La Corona (The Crown)”
A Runaway Films and Vega Films Production
Amanda Micheli and Isabel Vega
“Salim Baba”
A Ropa Vieja Films and Paradox Smoke Production
Tim Sternberg and Francisco Bello
“Sari’s Mother” (Cinema Guild)
A Daylight Factory Production
James Longley

Achievement in film editing

“The Bourne Ultimatum” (Universal) Christopher Rouse
“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” (Miramax/Pathé Renn) Juliette Welfling
“Into the Wild” (Paramount Vantage and River Road Entertainment) Jay Cassidy
“No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage) Roderick Jaynes
“There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax) Dylan Tichenor

Best foreign language film of the year

“Beaufort” A Metro Communications, Movie Plus Production
“The Counterfeiters” An Aichholzer Filmproduktion, Magnolia Filmproduktion Production
“Katyń” An Akson Studio Production
“Mongol” A Eurasia Film Production
“12” A Three T Production

Achievement in makeup

“La Vie en Rose” (Picturehouse) Didier Lavergne and Jan Archibald
“Norbit” (DreamWorks, Distributed by Paramount) Rick Baker and Kazuhiro Tsuji
“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” (Walt Disney) Ve Neill and Martin Samuel

Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original score)

“Atonement” (Focus Features) Dario Marianelli
“The Kite Runner” (DreamWorks, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Participant Productions, Distributed by Paramount Classics) Alberto Iglesias
“Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.) James Newton Howard
“Ratatouille” (Walt Disney) Michael Giacchino
“3:10 to Yuma” (Lionsgate) Marco Beltrami

Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original song)

“Falling Slowly” from “Once”
(Fox Searchlight)
Music and Lyric by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
“Happy Working Song” from “Enchanted”
(Walt Disney)
Music by Alan Menken
Lyric by Stephen Schwartz
“Raise It Up” from “August Rush”
(Warner Bros.)
Nominees to be determined
“So Close” from “Enchanted”
(Walt Disney)
Music by Alan Menken
Lyric by Stephen Schwartz
“That’s How You Know” from “Enchanted”
(Walt Disney)
Music by Alan Menken
Lyric by Stephen Schwartz

Best motion picture of the year

“Atonement” (Focus Features)
A Working Title Production
Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Paul Webster, Producers
“Juno” (Fox Searchlight)
A Dancing Elk Pictures, LLC Production
Lianne Halfon, Mason Novick and Russell Smith, Producers
“Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.)
A Clayton Productions, LLC Production
Sydney Pollack, Jennifer Fox and Kerry Orent, Producers
“No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage)
A Scott Rudin/Mike Zoss Production
Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, Producers
“There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax)
A JoAnne Sellar/Ghoulardi Film Company Production
JoAnne Sellar, Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Lupi, Producers

Best animated short film

“I Met the Walrus”
A Kids & Explosions Production
Josh Raskin
“Madame Tutli-Putli” (National Film Board of Canada)
A National Film Board of Canada Production
Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski
“Même Les Pigeons Vont au Paradis (Even Pigeons Go to Heaven)” (Premium Films)
A BUF Compagnie Production
Samuel Tourneux and Simon Vanesse
“My Love (Moya Lyubov)” (Channel One Russia)
A Dago-Film Studio, Channel One Russia and Dentsu Tec Production
Alexander Petrov
“Peter & the Wolf” (BreakThru Films)
A BreakThru Films/Se-ma-for Studios Production
Suzie Templeton and Hugh Welchman

Best live action short film

“At Night”
A Zentropa Entertainments 10 Production
Christian E. Christiansen and Louise Vesth
“Il Supplente (The Substitute)” (Sky Cinema Italia)
A Frame by Frame Italia Production
Andrea Jublin
“Le Mozart des Pickpockets (The Mozart of Pickpockets)” (Premium Films)
A Karé Production
Philippe Pollet-Villard
“Tanghi Argentini” (Premium Films)
An Another Dimension of an Idea Production
Guido Thys and Anja Daelemans
“The Tonto Woman”
A Knucklehead, Little Mo and Rose Hackney Barber Production
Daniel Barber and Matthew Brown

Achievement in sound editing

“The Bourne Ultimatum” (Universal)
Karen Baker Landers and Per Hallberg
“No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage)
Skip Lievsay
“Ratatouille” (Walt Disney)
Randy Thom and Michael Silvers
“There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax)
Matthew Wood
“Transformers” (DreamWorks and Paramount in association with Hasbro)
Ethan Van der Ryn and Mike Hopkins

Achievement in sound mixing
“The Bourne Ultimatum” (Universal)
Scott Millan, David Parker and Kirk Francis
“No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage)
Skip Lievsay, Craig Berkey, Greg Orloff and Peter Kurland
“Ratatouille” (Walt Disney)
Randy Thom, Michael Semanick and Doc Kane
“3:10 to Yuma” (Lionsgate)
Paul Massey, David Giammarco and Jim Stuebe
“Transformers” (DreamWorks and Paramount in association with Hasbro)
Kevin O’Connell, Greg P. Russell and Peter J. Devlin

Achievement in visual effects
“The Golden Compass” (New Line in association with Ingenious Film Partners)
Michael Fink, Bill Westenhofer, Ben Morris and Trevor Wood
“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” (Walt Disney)
John Knoll, Hal Hickel, Charles Gibson and John Frazier
“Transformers” (DreamWorks and Paramount in association with Hasbro)
Scott Farrar, Scott Benza, Russell Earl and John Frazier

Adapted screenplay

“Atonement” (Focus Features)
Screenplay by Christopher Hampton
“Away from Her” (Lionsgate)
Written by Sarah Polley
“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” (Miramax/Pathé Renn)
Screenplay by Ronald Harwood
“No Country for Old Men” (Miramax and Paramount Vantage)
Written for the screen by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen
“There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax)
Written for the screen by Paul Thomas Anderson

Original screenplay

“Juno” (Fox Searchlight)
Written by Diablo Cody
“Lars and the Real Girl” (MGM)
Written by Nancy Oliver
“Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.)
Written by Tony Gilroy
“Ratatouille” (Walt Disney)
Screenplay by Brad Bird
Story by Jan Pinkava, Jim Capobianco, Brad Bird
“The Savages” (Fox Searchlight)
Written by Tamara Jenkins

Heath Ledger found dead in New York City

Heath Ledger, the talented 28-year-old actor who gravitated toward dark, brooding roles that defied his leading-man looks, was found dead Tuesday in a Manhattan apartment, naked and facedown at the foot of his bed with prescription sleeping pills nearby.The Australian-born actor was 28.Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the SoHo apartment that is believed to be the home of the ''Brokeback Mountain'' actor, Browne said. The massage therapist and a housekeeper found his naked body in the bed at about 3:30 p.m. They tried to revive him, but he was already dead.He was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as a gay cowboy in ''Brokeback Mountain,'' where he met Michelle Williams, who played his wife in the film. The two had a daughter, now 2-year-old Matilda, and lived together in Brooklyn until they split up last year.lets have a small mourn for such an actor.

Maria Sharapova : Sony Ericsson Brand Ambassador.

Sony Ericsson announced that they have signed an exclusive four-year sponsorship agreement with the highly popular tennis player Maria Sharapova, to become their first “global brand ambassador”. As part of this off-court deal, Sharapova will be participating in a series of Sony Ericsson consumer brand campaigns. So regardless of the fact whether you are interested in tennis or not, it seems like the Sony Ericsson fans we’ll be seeing a lot more of Miss Sharapova in the years to come.

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trisha for u

hi guys trisha a dream of many of us is here for u... enjoy...

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Animated Rajini fascinates:sultan the warrior

“You will have 100 times of Rajini’s mannerisms and style”, declared Soundarya Rajinikanth, the director of ‘Sultan the Warrior’, who met the media persons on January 13 at Inox Theatre in Chennai.

The occasion was launching the second teaser trailer of the 3D animated movie featuring superstar Rajinikanth in the lead role. The movie is a joint venture by Adlabs and Ocher Studios. The movie would be first of its kind in India.

While Soundarya has written the screenplay, it is none other than Rajini, who has written the story. Will this movie have Rajini style ‘punch’ dialogues? “Yes”, confirmed Soundarya with enthusiasm. “I have penned a couple of such dialogues”, added the girl.

Soundarya, the MD of Ocher Studios, informed the media that most of the animation work would be done in her studio located in Chennai. The quality of the animation will be on par with the international standards, said Sundarya with pride. The character modeling, texturing, visual effects, lighting, animation, and rendering are being done in in-house, she informed.

Soundarya said that her father is the only character being featured from the real life. All the others would be fictitious animated characters. The film, she further added, would have a heroine, and a comedian to make it a perfect entertainer.

As far as Rajini’s inimitable style and mannerisms, she assured that the 3D movie would have them in abundance. “In animation, the sky is the limit”, said the 23 year old entrepreneur.

Latha Rajinikanth, Chairperson of Ocher Studios gently intervened when a reporter asked a question comparing ‘Sultan’ and Shankar’s ‘Robot’. “The trailer resembles Robot”, was the remark made by the reporter. “Have you seen the movie Robot, sir?” was the question posed by Lata in response. “Robot is yet to be launched and no one knows what director Shankar has in mind”, she added.

Earlier, the trailer was screened to the packed audiences consisting media persons and the team members of Ocher Studios. The trailer promised a typical Rajini show with action ad style. A.R. Rahman’s music added to the grandeur of the project.

The multilingual film will be released by the end of 2008.

heres the trailer

Rajini in ‘Robot’

Ayngaran International and Eros Multimedia have officially announced that superstar Rajnikanth, ace director Shankar, and music wizard A. R. Rahman are teaming up once again for their new film 'Robot'.

'Robot' is all set to become grand and entertaining film ever made in Indian cinema. The movie will be simultaneously produced in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and other languages. 'Robot' will have the state-of-the-art technology.

Eros International is an established global player in the fast-growing Indian media and entertainment arena. It has built a successful business model around the release of 30 new films every year and has film library containing more than 1,300 titles, making it one of the largest content owners in the business. Eros has the possession of the distribution rights for films including ‘Devdas’, ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’, and ‘Partner’.
Eros is now producing and co-producing around 70 films in Hindi with leading artists such as Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan.

Ayngaran has been the pioneers in Tamil Film Distribution in theatrical and home video formats in the International Market. The History of Ayngaran business dates back to 1987 when it had the vision to acquire the International Rights across formats of many Tamil films that became blockbusters.

The Ayngaran library has over 1500 films including ‘Sivaji’, "Padayappa’, ‘Chandramukhi’, ‘Mudhalvan’, ‘Indian’, ‘Jeans’, ‘Boys’, ‘Pokkiri’, ‘Gilli’, ‘Sivakasi’, ‘Kaathalukku Mariyadhai’, ‘Alaipayuthey’, ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’, ‘Kannathil Muthamittal’ and ‘Billa 2007’ amongst others.

As far as 'Robot' is concerned, it is like a roller coaster ride for the movie, as Shankar has been contemplating with many names for his dream project. First it was said that Kamal Haasan would act in it. Then Vikram’s name surfaced. Post ‘Sivaji’, we heard that Hrithik Roshan would be the dream hero. Then came the name of Aamir Khan. Finally Shankar made an official announcement that it would be Shahrukh Khan, who would don the role in his most intimate project.

However, it came as a setback to the director when Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan had pulled out from the project. Some leading Tamil magazines speculated that Ajith would be roped in. but finally superstar has agreed to act in the movie and that puts an end to all speculations about the project.

Since the project would cost hundred crore rupees, it goes without saying that it needs a star like Rajini, who has incredible market value, to redeem the money and ensure profit for the investors.

Bowled over: Dhoni invites Deepika Padukone to match

No, it is not a new training style that will get Team India ahead in the next round of matches. Instead, it is Bollywood where the young captain is hoping to score.
Rumour has it that Dhoni has invited none other than current Bollywood sensation, actress Deepika Padukone to watch the match on Saturday.According to a report in Mid-Day, Deepika has accepted the invitation and even cancelled a previous engagement, saying she wanted to "watch Dhoni in action".However, like in all cricket games, this one too has a catch — and that is, as Mid-Day reports, that Deepika will be attending the match with her entire family and well as her ex-beau.Now all one has to wait and see if Dhoni's batting will be scintillating enough to keep Deepika rooted to the wick

Dhoni with deepika

maria sharapova cute

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova born April 19, 1987 is a Russian professional tennis player of Belorussian descent and a former World No. 1. As of November 19, 2007, she is the fifth-ranked female player in the world. At the end of 2006, she was the world's highest-paid female athlete.

Sharapova has won two Grand Slam singles titles. In 2004, she beat Serena Williams to take the Wimbledon title at the age of 17. Two years later, she defeated Justine Henin in the final of the 2006 U.S. Open. She also reached the final at the 2007 Australian Open.

At 6'2", Sharapova is one of the tallest women currently in the women's game. Only Lindsay Davenport has been a taller Grand Slam champion in the 21st Century. Even on the men's side, only four Grand Slam champions in the 21st Century have eclipsed her height.To know more about her see to the site

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sania the tennis mania

Sania Mirza (born November 15, 1986) is an Indian tennis player. She was born in Mumbai, brought up in Hyderabad. Coached by her father, Imran Mirza, she began playing tennis at the age of six, turning professional in 2003. She is the highest ranked female tennis player ever from India, with a career high ranking of 27 in singles and 18 in doubles. She was ranked 31st in the singles category and 18th in the doubles category in the WTA rankings of January 7, 2008.She s an stunning star for everyone one from india especially the youths.
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Rachel Bilson

Real Name: Rachel Sarah Bilson

Date of Birth: August 25, 1981

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown

Claim to Fame: As Summer Roberts in "The O.C." TV Series (2003).

Brief Intro: Rachel is best known for summer on “The O.C.” This sequence is a drama with reference to a group of beautiful people at Orange County, California. There are rumors that dissimilar bereavement scenes were filmed to hang about the characteristics of the dupe secret flush commencing the cast.

Family and Younger Days: Her father Danny Bilson was an author, manager, and producer whereas her mother is an American-Italian lady from Philadelphia. Her parents broke up when she was young. Her father got her a smidgen part in a film called “The Wrong Guys” when she was just 7 years old. Bilson went through a seditious period in her adolescent years. At the age of 16, a blunt collision with another car made her unconscious for a small number of days. She suffered from migraine and loss of memory. Her dreadful experience led her to turn absent from self-destructive performance. She attended Notre Dame High School where she performed in a few theatrical performances as well as “Bye Bye Birdie,” “Once Upon a Mattress” and “The Crucible.” subsequent to being graduated from high school in 1999, she attended Grossmont College in San Diego for a time. At college days, she auditioned for commercials and TV pilots. Along with the crop she advertised as a college student were Pepto-Bismol and Raisin Bran.

Deepika Padukone Hot Bikini Wallpapers,Modelling Collection

Deepika Padukone looks a natural athlete with a height of 5 ft 9 inches. She was born on January 5th 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark and spent her childhood in Bangalore. She did her schooling from Sophia’s High School, Bangalore and completed her undergraduate program from Mount Carmel College. Deepika Padukone entered the international Scenario with her first campaign with Maybelline, one of the most renowned cosmetic brands. Deepika Padukone was associated with the glamour world from the very childhood and has appeared in various advertisement campaigns includingthat of Close-up, Liril and so on.

Deepika Padukone is daughter of former World badminton Champion Prakash Padukone and mother Ujjala Padukone, Deepika grew up into a sultry model with dreams in her eyes to make it big in showbiz industry. Though she played badminton during her school days and reached to the level of a State player, she did not take her game to the national level as she had set her sights on the glamorous world of showbiz.

Pursuing her dreams, Deepika Padukone quickly became a model endorsing leading brands like Liril soap, Limca, Close-Up toothpaste, Kingfisher and several other products, which include international cosmetics giant Maybelline. The pretty svelte model won numerous awards for her modeling style. Her sensuous photographs appearing on the 2006 Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar has virtually proved that she is indeed a supermodel in her own right.

She was chosen as the 'Model of the Year' by Kingfisher at its Fashion Awards; and further was awarded the 'Female Model of the Year' award in commercial assignments category and 'Fresh Face of the Year' at Idea Zee Fashion F Awards.

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Discount Shopping

Britney Spears


Britney Spears was back to the same ol' same ol' this weekend.

On Sunday, clad in cut-off jeans and fug shoes, the mother of two and her new man, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib did a little shopping at Rite Aid.

They probably picked up a home pregnancy kit. Cuz you know that's what she's got planned!

The unlikely twosome also stopped by the Discount Shoe Warehouse in the Valley.

Britney may be crazy, but she's not totally stupid. She loves a good deal!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paris Hilton

Born on 2/17/1981

The great-granddaughter of famed hotelier Conrad Hilton and co-heir to the Hilton fortune, socialite Paris Hilton stridently endeavored to make her own mark in the world – and for the most part, succeeded. Alongside her younger sister, Nicky, Paris Hilton became one of the first media-dubbed "celebutantes” – a term used to describe a growing trend of young, attractive party girl socialites-turned-models/actresses and quasi-celebs. Regardless, whether you loved her or hated her, one could not deny the impact Hilton had on media and pop culture....