Sunday, February 10, 2008

Was Sam Lutfi drugging Britney Spears?

The restraining order against Britney Spears‘ friend/manager, Sam Lutfi, accuses him of drugging her.

According to the documents, Lynne Spears states:

“Sam had told Britney that she was an unfit mother, a piece of trash and a whore, that she cares more about Adnan, her current boyfriend, than she cares about her kids, and that she does not deserve the kids.”

“Sam told Jackie and me that he grinds up Britney’s pills, which were on the counter and included Risperdal (an anti-psychotic drug for schizophrenia and bipolarity) and Seroquel. He told us that the doctor who is treating her now is trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could then give her drugs to heal her brain.”

Lutfi has to stay 250 yards from Britney, her parents, and her children.

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